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We are blessed to be located in beautiful Northwest Montana. Our roots are in the flooring installation business, installing all types of hard surface flooring. Through the many years of flooring installations, in hundreds of homes, there was always the same question asked by our customers, "How do we care for our new floors?" After years of telling our customers about the products we recommend and use personally, but not easily available, we launched our "floor care business" of two cleaners. Over the past few years, our product line has grown to a few more products, which are all still products that we proudly use or would use in our home. Our website was born after it became impossible to stock our installation truck with the different cleaners, mops and floor protection products. We still love our local customer base and plan on continuing to supply their needs with a personal touch.
We strive to sell the best products for a reasonable price, while shipping them all across the country.

Orders are usually sent USPS delivery confirmation. We do not refund any postage on returned orders.