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About Us

Designer Flooring -Our roots are in the custom floor installation industry based in Kalispell Montana. Our mission is to help home owners and businesses maintain the beauty and longevity of their floors. Since 2003 we have helped thousands of customers with proper floor installation methods and finding the correct cleaning and protection products to care for their floors properly. There are endless number of other companies selling products on the internet today. What sets us apart? When you purchase from J.K. Designer Flooring, you are working with real people that have years of hands-on experience, a knowledge of all the products we sell & use, and are passionate about finding the correct products for your needs.

Why purchase from J.K. Designer Flooring?

1. We're An Industry Authority
We have a vast knowledge of hard surface flooring materials of all types. In addition to our installation experience and knowledge, we keep up on training of new products. Many flooring stores and manufactures have relied on our services over the past 16 years. J.K. Designer Flooring is a trusted name among the floor industry.

2. We Provide Exceptional Customer Service
At J.K. Designer Flooring we fully understand the need for great customer service. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get help and not being able too. We are available almost all hours of the day by phone and are always available by email also. We take pride in helping our customers find the right products and correct answers to questions.

3. We Stand Behind What We Sell
We only provide products we believe in and trust ourselves. J.K. Designer Flooring has proven the products we recommend and sell. Through personal use of the product, training in the product or trusted sources, we only sell the products that we believe are proper and correct for the flooring type its being used on.

4. Who We Work With
We only work with companies that have proven success with their products. Not only do we require their products be proven in the market place as qualitity products, but also in our own family homes and friends. Every supplier of the products we carry, has been chosen for their craftsmanship and trust in their industry.