How to Care For & Maintain Your Laminate Floors

Regular daily or weekly maintenance includes sweeping with a soft bristle broom or dusting with a dry microfiber mop. If the floor has beveled edges, vacuum with the beater bar turned off to remove dust from between the floor boards. Clean the floors periodically with a professional wood floor/laminate cleaning product recommended by a wood flooring professional.
(see top laminate floor cleaners)

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Daily / Weekly- Using a microfiber floor dusting pad, lightly dust mop the floor to remove large debris. A vacuum may also be used for large areas or laminate floors that have heavy embossing or beveled edges. A high quality hardwood/laminate floor cleaner should be used with a microfiber floor pad on a weekly basis or as needed to thoroughly clean your floors. (hardwood/laminate floor cleaners)

Monthly- Inspect protector pads on furniture (See tap-in floor protectors), and ensure that all walk-off mats are in proper locations. Remove furniture from floors & do a good dust mopping or vacuuming. Clean entire floor with recommended hardwood/laminate floor cleaner using a microfiber cleaning pad.

Floor Care Tips

  • Avoid using water, steam mops, oil soaps, or waxes. Soaps and waxes leave residues on your floor’s surface.
  • Wipe up spills im

  • When the microfiber pads becomes saturated with dirt, rinse with water in sink. Use a new microfiber pad for every 500 sq/ft of flooring to be cleaned.
  • Always use entrance and walk-off mats at doorways
  • Always use tap-in felt furniture pads to prevent scratching or noticeable wear areas.
  • Install protecting glides under all major appliances to safely move appliances for routine cleaning or retrieving items. (see Glide-n-guard floor protectors)